Transformational Coaching


  Experience freedom and empowering truth as you explore and express your inner wisdom.


During your coaching session we journey together to uncover the great perfection of your own true nature. Using conscious communication, empathetic listening and powerful open ended questions, I intently hold a sacred space for you to explore and unfold the greater potential of your life. This facilitation leads you to greater clarity which we cultivate by the development of  creative and practical life tools such as assessing attainable goals, supporting positive internal dialogue, self-tuning practices and identifying emotional triggers. Through this process of introspection we develop overall assessment and dynamic customized practices that can lead to greater ease, functionality, abundance and joy in your life. While integrating experiential learning, principles and practices of conscious communication and well-informed understanding of human dynamics, we work towards solidifying new awareness by gentle continuous support in convenient forms such as home practices, accountability checks, and resource networking.
We start where you are, cultivate how you want to be and blossom from there.
Since 2009 I have worked, trained and lived personal growth, conscious communication and the healing arts. I hold several yoga teacher and two life coaching certifications based on sattvic and conscious (mindfulness) principles.
In my development as a coach, it became apparent to me that taboo issues, such as money, health and sexuality were the areas where people needed extra support for courageous introspection and investigation. With devotion and  fascination I have developed my coaching practice in many subjects such as money, business, health, wellness, relationship and sacred sexuality.
Transformational life coaching is an empowering way of exploring and being openly curious about our approach to life.
Take your power!
A Few of the Benefits
  • Harmonize your inner life with your outer experience
  • Refine thought processes, decision making, and communications developing improved clarity
  • Relieve discomfort of your mind, body and emotions through self care
  • Reduce stress and elevate energy
  • Creative process and vision development
  • Finding heart, spirit, and awareness
$65 per hour
3 hrs for $170
6 hrs for $330
10 hrs for $500