Transformational Movement Medicine - vibration integration

Transformational Movement Medicine - vibration integration

Let it flow, think like water

Using the study of traditions such as yoga, internal martial arts, and empathetic communication, I invite you to participate in courageous introspection.

This practice starts with what you feel connected to as well as breath work, this is to touch on the ethereal body. The movement flows then into a practice of perspective shifting, or looking at our daily assumption and attitudes. This connects us to our emotional body. Then continuing into a physical practice we integrate the newly recognized awareness into our physical bodies.


We move the body and from what space? 
We begin with an exploration of what we feel connected to as well as conscious breath work, this is to touch the ethereal body. Then we take time to connect with the people around us, receiving them as a whole with reflective listening. To connect with our emotional and mental bodies we look into our daily assumptions and attitudes and ask powerful, intuitive, open ended questions. Within these questions is where the opportunity for self work resides.  We address codependency as  a relationship addiction and the shadow side of our love nature, and shift the negative experiences to allow us to use those experiences to co-create. Acknowledgment of the significance of our ego, developing with in the first three chakras,  and integrating it with our higher selves is applied for self evolution.  The Sanskrit word for the heart chakra:  "anahata" literally means  unstruck and sparks a discussion and reflection of how we ask ourselves to be. It is in the Heart that we make the shift from unconscious to conscious living. Along with conscious connection come mental shifts as follows: the shift from dualistic to a triadic model of the Self, understanding that the inner life determines outer experiences, understanding that growth is not incremental; it is sequences of death/rebirth cycles Transcendence is not a leaving of life; it is a living of life more abundantly. These shifts are all shared using open ended questions during  the workshop and then integration is brought into the physical body with movement practices stemming from the ancient practices of yoga, internal martial arts, and qui gong.
The real vibration integration happens after the workshop.

This workshop takes about 2 hours. Sliding scale

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